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Training Institution (Organisme de Formation)
Founder & Direction by Stéphanie VAUTEY

Ojanzu is the Training institution of the "Ecole Française de Janzu » which has made its reputation over the years.

The goal of Ojanzu is to train Practitioners in the exercise of Janzu for them to settle in private establishments (hotels, spas, thalassos ...) or public institutions (specialized centers, holidays camping, homes...), intended for a general public or a specialized (pregnancy, disabled)

and Trainers who will spread the teaching with them.

Ojanzu is a guarantee of competence, openness and team spirit: "your best training in the best place!"

We hope that an infinite number of people can benefit from the Janzu and that through its positive power, more peace is established on our beautiful planet!


"Warm & flat waters; the receiver is lying on the surface.

Letting go of everything, the magic of water happens

Through the flowing movements of the giver.


Breath & Presence, Connection & flow...

Based on the Power & Magic of Water,

Janzu is an amazing Natural Healing Journey."