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We carry out trainings throughout the year in


See details of each training above & down.


FRANCE - Montpellier 

AUGUST: 1st-5th & 7th-11th

October 21st-31st



DOMINICA : JULY (1-11) & December

REUNION : 20th of February 2020

MAURITIUS : 5th of March 2020

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Each module is realized over 5 consecutive half-days, in order to guarantee the integration of the practice and the dimension of the discipline of Janzu; 25h per module.


Each day includes between 3h and 5h in the water - depending on the number of students and the needs of the participants, as well as a theoretical and / or practical break time out of the water, summarized by the following table:


All activities are carried out first at the collective level and then adapted and personalized to each student.

Every day includes a Janzu demonstration : 20 min ; Movement teaching and practice time.

Last day of training : Videos (Watching and Sharing)

Models - External People of the course - are requiredto apply the technics learned, and also to share the feelings of each student and a time for answering any question that would arise.

Documents issued

Training certificate (Module I and II): delivery on the last day of Module I and II.


Applied practice : (Following Module II) : 50 Janzu treatments on 50 different people.

The student gives his trainer a list with the coordinates and signatures of the models.

Final exam/ Janzu Practitioner Certificate - Remitted after trainer validation.


Group Training

Module I : 450 €

Module II : 450 €

Price per module = 450 € - That is a total cost of 900 € for the Practitioner training.